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My name is Ann and I am the owner, maker and creator of Simply Love. I started my company as a distraction from infertility and what originally started as a distraction has turned into an creative outlet as I navigate motherhood.  


I suffered from infertility for several years prior to the conception of my daughter and I used this platform to connect with other women who have experienced the same struggles of infertility.  There are lots of negative things about infertility but one thing I am so blessed to have, is the community of mothers that surrounded me during my most difficult hours. 


I love to create and how perfect is creating clothing for those children that we are so blessed to have.  I love creating pieces that are high quality and made from sustainable materials.  I want to create pieces that are going to last and perfect for handing down from child to child.  I also strive to keep pieces fairly gender neutral, even though I do have a few ruffles here and there, I have almost seen every print on both genders.  I want you to love every piece you have and it to last for multiple children.  


Even though I technically run this company myself, I couldn't do it without the amazing support of my husband, and my sisters.  I am super blessed to have so much help and love in my life.  

When you support a local business, your not just supporting a store, your supporting my hopes and dreams and building a community.  I hope to one day create a community and a program to help those struggling with infertility.  Every time you make a purchase, you are helping me come that much closer to helping someone else achieve their dreams of becoming a mother. 



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